Mrs. Teresa Hylton
    Due to school closure because of the Coronavirus, ALL students should be working online within the IXL.com and Readworks websites. Additional assignments will be sent home by mail as well as individual packets mailed or sent through email. Please continue to work on your work skills data sheet at home. I will be calling weekly to check on your progress. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email.
    Virtual hours: Through conference calls or email
    Tuesday/Thursday - 11:00-12:00
                                                                           Spring 2020 Schedule                
    1st Block
    Community Instruction -MWF
    Math/History- TTh
    Room 40
    2nd Block
    Community Instruction - MWF
    Reading - TTh
    Room 40
    3rd Block
    Prevocational Skills -- MTWTF
    PE/Art -- MWTF
    Room 40
        Lunch - 12:45-1:15    
    4th Block
    Work Skills/Leisure Skills - MTWTF
    Room 40

    I will send home daily notes regarding classwork and work to be reviewed at home.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Please also make welcome Mrs. Lena Arnold. She is our paraprofessional.
    Note:  Students go into the community on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.