• Ms. Niquita Martin
    Developmental Reading Class
    Block 1      8:25-10:00
     Block 2    10:05-11:35 
    Block 3      11:40-1:50(Planning)
     Block 4        1:55-3:25
    Developmental Reading
    Ms. Martin

    Class Description
    Developmental Reading is a research based class designed to help struggling readers improve their skills. Students should improve their skills with a daily plan that allows them to benefit from the research in three different ways. The first is teacher directed instruction in reading and writing, which includes whole and small groups. The second is technology based instruction. The third is modeled and independent reading.
    Course Content
    Workshop 1: At First Sight
    Workshop 2: Who Am I?
    Workshop 3: It's Your Right
    Workshop 4: D-Day
    Workshop 5: To Mars and Beyond
    Workshop 6: Money Matters

    Class Rules
    Bring all needed materials to class
    Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings
    Raise your hand to speak
    Listen and stay seated when someone is talking
    Respect yourself, other people, and other people’s property
    Obey all school and class rules
    No eating or drinking in class
    No profanity
    No cell phones

    Homework Policy
    If homework is assigned it is to be turned in the very next school day unless otherwise notified.
    Homework is your responsibility and should be your own work.
    If you are absent from class, you are responsible for any homework or tests missed when you come back. You have three days to make up work. Failure to do so will result in loss of credit.
    The tardy policy is the same as the school policy in the code of conduct book.
    I understand and agree to follow the above rules and procedures in Developmental Reading. If I have any problems or concerns, I can contact my teacher at Bassett High School.
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