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    2018-2019 Class Schedule
                                                      First Term (S1)
     1st Block English 11
     2nd Block   Planning
     3rd Block    English 12
     4th Block  English 12
                                                                                  Second Term (S2)
     1st Block  English 12
     2nd Block  Planning
     3rd Block  English 12
     4th Block  Englsih 12 BT
    Supplies Needed:
      English 12
       ~Notebook (any kind)
       ~ Two Pocket Folder (OPTIONAL-- for organization)
       ~Loose leaf paper (any kind)
       ~Pencils (you need one EVERY DAY)
       ~Erasers if you know you tend to need them
       ~Pens (blue or black ink)

    English 12 BT

    ~At your discretion, whatever supplies you believe will help you to be successful! 




     Optional supplies for all classes:
    ~Project supplies (to have at home-- while they are on sale :)
    (glue, markers, colored pencils, etc.)
    ~Index cards could be useful for studying and note taking (some students actually like to use index cards for research notes). 
    ~Tissues or Clorox wipes are appreciated at any time