• S.C.A.

    The Student Cooperative Association’s primary goal is to provide a form of guidance for the students as well as to promote a sense of pride and unity among the student body, faculty, and administration at Bassett High School.  The S.C.A. represents BHS in many capacities and therefore requires a great deal of time and effort.  The Student Cooperative Association is actively involved in coordinating major events such as blood drives, Christmas Angel projects, “Pennies for Patients,” school dances and various other activities to help promote school spirit.  Consequently, participation in S.C.A. will require some after school and weekend hours.  The Student Cooperative Association is dedicated to involving the entire school community, including representatives and officers who are chosen at each grade level.  The Council members are expected to maintain at least a ‘C’ average in academics as well as in conduct. 

    We represent the student body at Bassett High School.  Membership in the S.C.A. is both an honor bestowed upon students and a responsibility that the students accept.  Help us represent your peers by participating in the Student Cooperative Association.