• Code of Conduct
    1. No horse playing.
    2. Report to school and classes on time.
    3. Remain in assigned areas until excused by the supervisor(s) in charge.
    4. Abide by classroom rules and regulations.
    5. Exercise honesty and good judgment in completing assignments.
    6. Refrain from acts of dishonesty or vandalism.
    7. Take reasonable care of all instructional and media materials.
    8. Use acceptable and courteous language at all times.
    9. No playing cards of any type.
    10. Refrain from possession, use, or sale of illegal or controlled substances or weapons on school property or at school-sponsored activities.
    11. Exercise self-control and respect the rights of others.
    12. Avoid inappropriate displays of affection.
    13. Dress appropriately.

    Any staff member may correct or direct a student. Failure to accept this direction with respect will result in disciplinary consequences.