• Attendance 
    The responsibility for school attendance is placed directly upon the parents and students. Regular attendance is required of all individuals through their 18th birthday. Students are responsible for bringing a parent or doctor’s note to the attendance office and establishing contact with teachers to arrange for make-up work after returning to school (maximum of three days is allowed for making contact with the teacher).  The teacher has the authority to establish the parameters for due dates regarding make up work.  If students are on school sponsored activities and work is assigned in advance, the work is due the day the student returns to school.  All notes including absentee excuses, permission to ride a different bus, and early dismissal notes should be turned in to the attendance office before 1st block. The note should specify:
    1. reason for dismissal or absence
    2. time of dismissal/date of absence
    3. parent signature
    4. phone # where parent can be reached for verification
    5. student’s full name
    Students should attend all classes unless excused by an administrator. If detained by a member of the faculty, the faculty member should sign the agenda. Promptness to school and class is very important because students who are chronically tardy interrupt important instruction. Any student arriving after the morning tardy bell should report to the attendance office and sign in to school.  Leaving school for personal business is discouraged. Students may not leave school grounds at any time, for any reason without permission from the attendance secretary and a parent or guardian.  Therefore, students who sign out must have submitted proper documentation to the attendance office, exit the building and grounds immediately, and must sign in if they return to school.  Additionally, students are not allowed to sign in or sign out other students for any reason.