•  Leaving School/Sign-Out Procedures  

             Students may not leave the school grounds after arriving on the school premises without the approval of the principal or assistant principal.

    1. Early Dismissal Excuses 
             A student requesting early dismissal must present a written note to the attendance officer in the morning before school (by 8:20) or at sign in for those who are tardy. The date, the parents' home and work telephone number, and the parents' name – printed and signed are required on the note. If a student is leaving with someone other than his parent, an indication should be made on the note with respect to how the student will be leaving school. EARLY DISMISSAL NOTES DO NOT EXCUSE THE STUDENT FROM MISSED CLASSES. AN ADDITIONAL NOTE MUST BE BROUGHT IN ON THE STUDENT'S NEXT DAY BACK AT SCHOOL.

    2. Sign-Out Procedure 
             Students with approved early dismissal slips may be excused by the classroom teacher five minutes prior to sign-out time. They are to report directly to the office to leave their early dismissal slips and sign out. Students who are being picked up must have the person coming for them report to the office to sign them out on the roster of early dismissals. These students may not wait out front or in the lobby – they must wait in the office hall beside attendance. Students who are driving may leave after signing out on the roster of early dismissals and leaving their early dismissal slips. They must leave immediately…if caught loitering, they will be considered out of assigned area. 
             Students do not sign themselves out for any reason. A parent or guardian must give notification that the student has permission to leave either by being present or by telephone (a student calling home is unacceptable) to one of the administrative office personnel. Students who sign themselves out are in violation of leaving school grounds without permission and subject to suspension from school. 
             If a student has an assignment due, yet arrives late or leaves early, and this means the student misses a class in which the assignment is due, the assignment is due before the student leaves. Teachers are not required to give full credit on an assignment which is late due to missing class for these reasons. 
             Teachers are not to keep the early releases. These are taken at sign out as the student exits.
    Students may not use the phone for the purpose of requesting an early release.

    3. Sign-In Procedure
             Students arriving at school after 8:22 a.m. must sign in and get an admission slip from the attendance office. Students returning to school after signing out must also report to the attendance office for an admit slip.
    Parking Lot and Access Road & Driving Privilege
             Driving a car to school is a student privilege. This privilege will be revoked for students who do not follow correct procedures in the parking lot and on the school access road. 
             Faculty and Students will be assigned their own personal parking space. All are to park in designated parking spaces and in a proper manner (no angled or across-lines parking). Seniors will be given spaces, individually, in the row behind teacher parking. 
             Student are not to be in or around cars during the school day without permission or appropriate reason. All vehicles on the school access road or in the parking lot must be driven in a safe manner and at a slow rate of speed. The parking lot and access road will be monitored on a daily basis and tickets given to students who do not follow these rules:
             The speed limit is 15 miles per hour. 
             Students will not sit in cars before, during, or after school. 
             Students who drive are not to arrive before 8:00 am. 
             Day trades may not drive to their classes. 
             Note that attendance and tardies will be tied to driving privileges.

             Student Activities that are not General Admission Events – ex. Dances The attendee must be a Bassett High student unless appropriate arrangements are made during designated times.  Dates will not be admitted unless date approval forms were turned in and approved by an administrator.  Non dates (relatives etc.) accompanying BHS students will not be admitted unless date approval forms were turned in and approved by an administrator.  Alumni dates will not be admitted unless date approval forms were turned in and approved by an administrator.  To be considered alumni – the individual must have graduated from BHS (BHS dropouts will not be approved).  Upon arrival, if an eligible student attempts to override one of the above statements, a simple NO will be iterated…if the student argues or continues to debate…the student will not be permitted either

           Students have an obligation to ensure that their rides arrive to pick them up on time!
    Rule of thumb – rides should wait on their children not vice versa
    Students whose ride arrives 15 minutes late or more will be denied access to the next event
    Students whose ride arrives 15 minutes late or more a second time will be denied access to any future events for the year
    If for any reason a student is forced to leave an event at BHS, that student will not attend any further events for the year
    To attend an activity, a student must be present a minimum of two full blocks
    Students may not stay after school to wait for events to begin – students must leave and be brought back no earlier than 15 minutes before the event – if a student does so, the student will be denied access to the event
    Relatives (non participant) of students participating in events, such as after school practices, may not stay after school to wait on their relative to finish with their practices or event.
    All students remaining after school must be actively participating in a supervised activity!
    A student who is caught staying after unsupervised may lose the privilege of attending one or all future events for the year
    If a student has been given the privilege of attending BHS from another zone, all of the above still apply – the student will not be given an exception