• Tardies 
     Definition of Tardy - Any unexcused appearance of a student to the student’s room, inside the door beyond the scheduled time that a class begins, unless the student is appropriately (staff approaches the student vs the student approaching the teacher) detained by a staff member. Lunch tardies will be included, as the halls need to be clear. Teachers who detain a student from reporting to class on time will give him/her a pass to enter his/her next class. Teachers will honor other staff member's passes if the times are recorded and the reason is written on the reverse side of the corridor pass.  A student who shows up more than five minutes late needs to be marked present and have a discipline referral written up for him/her stating that the student was out of assigned area and stating the number of minutes the student was tardy.  In all cases beyond 5 minutes, an effort should be made by the retaining individual to notify the correct teacher of the student’s location and approximate time of arrival.
    Students may not visit guidance, coaches, or sponsors, etc. without express permission from the teacher who the student has for the block in which the visit is to occur. For example: students may not go to guidance 3 minutes before the tardy bell, wait 10 minutes to see a counselor, then get a pass after the conference. This scenario may result in punishment under being out of assigned area. Rehash: the student must be to class on time, attain permission from his/her teacher, and receive a corridor pass. The teacher does not have to giver permission, based for example, on missing of academics. A student can, for example, leave a note for a coach, sponsor, or other individual to call for them, circumstances being appropriate. 
    Students are expected to be in class on time. In the event that an emergency prevents a student from getting to class or school on time, an UNEXCUSED TARDY will be given to the student. To cover such emergencies, a student will receive two (2) unexcused tardies to each class without penalty for each quarter period. Teachers are responsible for keeping record of the tardies for their classes and should turn these in to the office as a student breaches the allotted number. The following consequence should occur:
             3 tardies - 1 day of After School Detention
             4 tardies - Additional day of After School Detention