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    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

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    Monday through Friday:  All students and parents  communications will be returned within 24 hrs. 


                                      Weekends:  All communications after 3:30 Friday will be addressed the following Monday.



    Hokie Bird Mascot standing in front of VT  Go Hokies! 

    6th Grade Social Studies 








    Suggestions for successful virtual learning:


    • Work on a schedule that is similar to the physical school day setting such as:

    o   9:00 – 9:25 Math – 10:00 10:25 English etc. …

    • Use a timer that the student can see as it counts down the time for work and break sessions. This helps the student to focus knowing when the session will end.
    • Students should work for 20 to 25 minutes at a time. (This can be 15 to 20 minutes whatever works for your student)
    • At the end of the work session give a 10-minute timed break before beginning the next subject. (Have a snack, take a 10-minute walk outside, dance/music break, exercise to get energy up such as: jumping jacks, march or run in place)

    o   When student returns to work for the next time frame begin a different subject


    • **Remember** it is okay if your student does not complete the whole assignment by the end of the work session. Simply pick up where they ended on the next day. 
    • Some students may want to complete everything due for 1 subject for the week on the same day. This is fine too. Whatever you and your student feel will work best for them is what you should do.  The main key is to have a plan which includes specific time frames for when school work will be completed and a designated work area.
    • One last tip, if there is a subject that does not really appeal to your student, pair it with another not so favorite subject on the same day. Give your student the choice of which they would like to work on first. This helps them complete the assignments they dread. If they have the choice of a favorite subject and a dreaded subject, they will pick the favorite every time making it twice as hard to get less desirable work done.