• Mr. David Warrick

    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

    Phone:  276-647-3841


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    Go Hokies! 

    Daily Schedule:

    1st Period: 8:30-9:35

        2nd Period:  9:40-11:15 

    Lunch: 10:20-10:45 

    5th Period:  1:00-2:05

    6th Period:  2:10-3:15

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    Learning Objectives--Click the link below
    6th Grade Social Studies : 1/13-1/17/20






    All Periods

    Student will continue to completion the cornerstone on the New Deal.  Students will finish rough draftwrite the final draft.

















    Any students who do not finish cornerstone will do so today.  Students will look atpgs 140-143 in their textbook.  Students will look for answers to the questions that are listed on the whiteboard.  They will copy the questiuons in their notebooks.











    Students will review their notes on USII.6d The Great depression and the New Deal.  Students will highlight important questions in their notebooks.