John Inman
    Mr. Inman
    Career and Technical Education
    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School




    Date & Time

    7th Grade/1st Exploratory   (1st period)

    8:30-10:05 Monday/Wednesday/Alternate Fridays

    7th Grade/2nd Exploratory  (2nd period)

    8:30-10:05 Tuesday/Thursday/Alternate Fridays

    6th Grade/1st Exploratory   (3rd period)

    11:20-12:55 Monday/Wednesday/Alternate Fridays

    6th Grade/2nd Exploratory  (4th period)

    11:20-12:55 Tuesday/Thursday Alternate Friday

    8th Grade/1st Exploratory   (5th period)

    1:40-3:15 Monday/Wednesday/Alternate Fridays

    8th Grade/2nd Exploratory  (6th period)

    1:40-3:15 Tuesday/Thursday/Alternate Fridays

      Classes that I teach:
    Keyboarding(6th), Career Strategies(7th), and Digital Technology Foundations(8th)

    Keyboarding Learning Objectives