Mrs. T. Hairston

    Feel free to contact me for counseling needs:

    Email contact: tghairst@henry.k12.va.us  

    Please check in with teachers via email or during google meet times for assistance with classwork. They are here to help!
    While we are out: try to keep your child on a consistent schedule.
    Here is an example, but you can vary based on your family's needs:
    9:00: Wake up, Daily Hygiene, Breakfast
    10:00-11:00: Academic Time
    11:00-12:00: Creative Time
    12:00: Lunch 
    12:30-1:00: Chore Time
    1:00-2:00: Quiet Time (nap, read, color)
    2:00-3:30: Snack, Academic Time, IXL, Reading A-Z, Math Games
    3:30-4:30: Outdoor Time, Exercise Time
    4:30-5:00: Snack, Wind Down/Clean Up
    5:00-6:30: Cook, Dinner
    6:30-8:30: Free TV/Electronics Time
    8:30-9:30: Nighttime Wind Down, Bedtime
    Please talk with your student about the Lancer Matrix-remind him/her to:
    • Be respectful-to teachers, staff, and other students. Do not touch items that do not belong to them. Be kind to others.
    • Be responsible-complete all assignments and homework and turn in on time. Be organized and ready for the day.
    • Be productive-work hard and put forth best effort. Work cooperatively with others each day!