• ABCs

    Guidance Department Philosophy

    Guidance is recognized as a developmental and continuous process that is composed of those organized services in the school, which enable students to make wise choices in solving their educational, vocational, and personal problems.  It is, therefore, and integral part of the entire school organization.  Because student needs vary at different age levels, the areas of emphasis will vary accordingly.  Thus, the counselors at each grade level have distinguished roles.


    Faculty Referrals

    We are very dependent on teacher referrals.  We ask teachers to refer any student who may need assistance in the educational, vocational, or personal areas.  Please feel free to talk to us at any time concerning any student, and encourage your students to use the guidance services available. 


    Appointments with Counselors

    Students may arrange an appointment to see his/her counselor.  Only in case of an emergency should students be dismissed from class.  Counselors wishing to confer with students will call for them at appropriate times.


    Role of the Middle School Counselor

    1.  Through counseling he/she helps the pupils to:

    -          Understand themselves in relation to the world in which they live

    -          Accept themselves

    -          Develop personal decision-making competencies

    -          Resolve special problems

    2.  Through pupil appraisal he/she assumes the role of leader/consultant by:

    -          Coordinating the accumulation and use of meaningful information about each pupil

    -          Interpreting information about pupils to them, their parents, to teachers, and to others who are professionally concerned

    -          Helping to identify pupils with special abilities or needs

    3.  Through information collection and dissemination he/she provides to the pupil and   their parents information concerning:

    -          School offerings

    -          Opportunities for further education

    -          Careers and career training opportunities

    4.  Through appropriate placement services he/she assists pupils by:

    -          Planning with teachers and administration for the grouping and registration of pupils

    -          Helping them make appropriate choices of school programs and develop long-range plans of study

    -          Helping them make the transition from one school level to another or from one school to another


    5.  Through Consultation with parents by:

    -          Sharing appropriate pupil data with them (with due regard to the child’s desire for confidentiality)

    -          Providing information on educational and occupational requirements and opportunities

    -          Assisting them to develop realistic perceptions of their children’s development in relation to the potentialities

    -          Providing them with information about counseling programs and related guidance services available to them and their children

    -          Acting as a consultant to them regarding the growth and development of their children

    6.  Through coordination of the services available beyond those he/she can provide by:

    -          Making pupils and their parents aware of these services

    -          Making appropriate referrals

    -          Maintaining liaison and cooperative working relationships with agencies and services in the community