• Robert Stout II
    Civics Teacher
    School: LPMS
    Phone: 276-632-7216
    Email: rstout@henry.k12.va.us 
    Supplies required EVERY DAY:
    Your notes and your binder. Binder - Your choice of size, your choice of colors. ( you can even save it and use for your second semester class!) 
    Dividers - Your choice. 
    Your pen or pencil- Your choice.   
    Voluntary supplies :(appreciated but NOT REQUIRED):
    Tissues, hand sanitizer
    Mr. Stout's Daily Schedule 

    Planning 8:30-9:15
    Planning 9:19-10:04
    Core 1 10:08-11:34
    Lunch 2 11:58-12:28
    Core 2 11:42-1:42
    Core 3 1:46-3:16
    Phone messages and emails received after 3:30 PM Monday through Friday may not be answered or returned until the next business day.
    We have finished SOL 2 Foundations, and SOL 3-4 Citizenship and Civic Life.
    We will begin SOL 5 The Political Process on 9/8
    Please click and download the study guides below:  NOTE THESE STUDY GUIDES ARE FOR FIRST SEMESTER ONLY.