• UPDATE 4/1 ( no this is not an April Fool's Joke  :-)   )  Due to technical issues with google meet, there will be no google meets Thursday and Friday. Please email me if you a question and I will email you back accordingly, otherwise work on the assignments below Thursday and Friday and then enjoy SPRING BREAK!  
    UPDATE 4/2  Effective immediately, you will not use a link on my website to get into Google  Meet to meet with me....you will receive an email through your StuHenry or Classkick ( I am trying....to get this set up!).
    Stay tuned and BE SAFE!

    Students have SOL packet 2 to work on until further notice.  Packets are available at LPMS..>CALL THE SCHOOL FIRST  632-7216

    Additional Quizizz practice assignments have been opened.

    Please see the PACKET 2 questions to be completed..( REMEMBER DO NOT STRESS OUT)


    Questions to complete by day: 

    3/30 Monday: CE 2a, 2b, and 2c ( no worries you are just getting this 3/30) 

    3/31 Tuesday: CE 2d, 3a, and 3b

    4/1 Wednesday: CE 3c, 3d, 3e, and 4a

    4/2 Thursday: CE 5a through 5e

    4/3 Friday: CE 5f, 5g, 9b, 9c ( we may try a Kahoot)


    Please see the new google meet time for Mr. Stout set by Administration. Please note it is 30 mins per session. Should I not be available, please go to Ms. Parker's Session. She has the same time schedule. I will ALWAYS try to tell you in advance either by email or on my website if I am not going to be available. Thank you.



    CORE 1 11:30-12:00

    CORE 2 12:00-12:30

    CORE 3 12:30- 1:00


    Check back for additonal updates.   
    Packet 2 has been posted to the Corona Packet Link on to the left.
    Also a new list of practice Quizizz for fun is listed on the Corona Packet link.
    NO STRESS these are for fun and will be open until April 24
    WE will WORK TOGETHER and WE WILL MAKE IT so..if there is a question or issue...no worries....WE will work it out!  :-)
    Please see my email below to email me questions...:
    Robert Stout II
    Civics Teacher
    School: LPMS
    Phone: 276-632-7216
    Email: rstout@henry.k12.va.us 
    Supplies required EVERY DAY:
    Your notes and your binder. Binder - Your choice of size, your choice of colors. ( you can even save it and use for your second semester class!) 
    Dividers - Your choice. 
    Your pen or pencil- Your choice.   
    Voluntary supplies :(appreciated but NOT REQUIRED):
    Tissues, hand sanitizer
    Mr. Stout's Daily Schedule 
    Planning 8:30-9:15
    Planning 9:19-10:04
    Core 1 10:08-11:34
    Lunch 2 11:58-12:28
    Core 2 11:42-1:42
    Core 3 1:46-3:16
    Phone messages and emails received after 3:30 PM Monday through Friday may not be answered or returned until the next business day.
    We just finished the Legal System SOL 9 and we are starting the Political System SOL 5. 
    Packets are being created for Spring Break and any other days we miss for weather or etc.
     The test counts TWICE...earning a 65% or higher will earn a bonus.
    Better perfomance is expected on this test than on the last one.   
     The Spring SOL is MAY 7, 2020. YES...you DO have a Civics SOL!
      DOWN LOAD THESE STUDY GUIDES NOW for HELP at HOME with SOL review! Note the sheets below ARE NOT a one stop COMPLETE ONE STOP SHOP for the SOL....there are NEW Standards for the MAY test and updated information will be posted, however these are good foundation starting point...so please use until updated information is posted. 
    Please click and download the study guides below: