• Mr.  Spencer 


    Grade 8

    Global Geography and Cultures





    SOL GGC.4 Study Packets

    SOL GGC.4 Study Packet "Europe"




    Beat My Record Geography

    Directions: You have to correctly identify the countries as they pop up. You get three tries before the computer shows you the answer and marks it wrong. You may use whatever resource you have (internet or study guides) to try and beat the records. 


    Remember: Whatever you do, you cannot stop the timer



    1.  Must score above 60%

    2. Must beat the posted time

    3. Must take screen shot of your score and posted time to show the teacher


    Beat My Record Geography: USA (1:32)


    Beat My Record Geography: Latin America (0:48)


    Beat My Record Geography: Canada (0:18)


    Beat My Record Geography: Europe (1:58)


    Bonus: The time for Europe was set by Mr. Spencer. This one is especially difficult. Anyone that can break the Europe record by the rules wins a free soda for lunch.









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