Cover picture
    Jalyn NM Daniels-Boyd
    Assistant Principal
    G. W. Carver Elementary School




    Dear G. W. Carver community and family,

    I am so excited to be at G. W. Carver Elementary School!  Our goal at G. W. Carver Elementary School is student success. Achieving this goal is a cooperative effort on the part of the students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community. At G. W. Carver, we pride ourselves in providing the students with an enriched educational experience that connects the curriculum to the real world while at the same time making learning fun for all students.  Our enthusiastic and dedicated faculty and staff strives to ensure that your child will be provided with a great elementary educational experience that will prepare them for their future endeavors.  I will continue to work to be a positive, supportive influence in this process and welcome your feedback. 



    Jalyn NM Daniels-Boyd (Mrs. DB)