Henry County Schools have 4 occupational therapy personnel.

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    Melodie Craig, COTA/L                                                                                      Brittany Harris, COTA/L

    Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Licensed                                     Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Licensed

    mcraig@henry.k12.va.us                                                                                      bturner@henry.k12.va.us

    Drewry Mason Elementary                                                                                  Meadowview Elementary

    G.W. Carver Elementary                                                                                       Sanville Elementary

    Rich Acres Elementary                                                                                         Stanleytown Elementary                                       

                                                                                                                             Fieldale Collinsville Middle 


    Cathy Jones, OTR/L                                                                                          Sharon Taylor, COTA/L

    Occupational Therapist Registered/ Licensed                                              Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/ Licensed

    Sensory Integration Praxis Tests Certified #1334                                            staylor@henry.k12.va.us

    cwjones@henry.k12.va.us                                                                                    Fieldale Collinsville Middle 

    Axton Elementary                                                                                                Campbell Court Elementary

    Bassett High                                                                                                        Meadowview Elementary

    Laurel Park Middle                                                                                                 2/3 year old program at CCL

    Magna Vista High  

    Mount Olivet Elementary

    Rich Acres Elementary

    Transitional Day Program

    Homebound children


    Please check your therapists' Canvas page for suggestions and information. For more information about using Canvas, please visit https://www.henry.k12.va.us/Page/22175.


    Summer Suggestions


    Gardening!  Work those fine motor skills and strengthen those hands! Digging in the dirt, planting seeds or flowers!  Watering the plants!

    Cooking!  Great for fine motor and visual perceptual skills!  Measuring ingredients, mixing (with spoon or by hand), enjoying your food!

    Play-Doh! Fine motor, strengthening, and visual perceptual skills all in one!  Creating letters, flowers, animals, cars, etc., cutting, drawing letters into the Doh! 

    I Spy!  Visual perceptual skills!  Look for insects or birds in your yard or on walks in nature!

    Animal Walks!  Work that core by walking around as different animals!  Bear, elephant, rabbit, kangaroo, crab, and what else you can think of!

    Write a letter or color a picture to a friend or relative!  Fine motor and visual perceptual skills!  Write a letter to a friend or relative, they will love to hear from you!  Color a picture to a friend or relative!  Let them know you are thinking about them!

    Write a journal with words or pictures!  This is a unique time that we are experiencing together and hopefully will never experience again.  Document this time to share with other years from now about what it was like for you! 

    Obstacle courses!  Work that core and gross motor skills!  Include areas for you to hop, jump, crawl, etc.

    Play games!  Play cards and board games with your family to work on a variety of skills, but most importantly to enjoy your time with your family and to have fun!!

    Help with basic chores like sorting or folding clothes, washing or putting away dishes, setting the table or cleaning the table, etc. 

    Make crafts with things you have at home!  Be creative!



    If your child receives occupational therapy in the schools, these are some areas they may be working on.


               General strengthening (muscle strength): Sitting on a ball and keeping your balance.  wall push ups, animal walks, combat crawling, completing work while laying on your belly.
               Fine Motor (strength, movement, and coordination in your hands): LEGOS, coloring, cutting, playing catch, target throwing, sorting coins, play-doh, gardening, beaded crafts, collages, etc.

               Visual Perceptual (how your brain and eyes work together): word searches, hidden pictures, coloring, cutting playing catch, target throwing, crafts, 3-D puzzles, puzzles, etc.
               Sensory Ideas (how your body uses sensory information): Get messy with cooking, homemade playdoh, gel soaps, etc.
                                        Jump like a frog. Set up a crash zone with pillows.  Jumping Jacks, windmills, crawl like a crab, bear walk.
               Spring/ Summer Ideas: Plant flowers, frog hop in the yard, bike riding (with safety gear of course!), color, use sidewalk chalk, write your teacher a card, etc.
               Range of motion (for specific student with limited range of motion): Continue to complete range of motion with your child as you have been instructed.  Range of motion can be fun when dancing to music with assistance.  Encourage the student to move their arm/ hand as much as they can on their own.
    Please note that we are available to discuss your child and therapy with you individually.  Email the therapist at our childs' school, or email Cathy Jones and we will make sure you get to your child's therapist.  
    Limit screentime.  Engage in hands on activities and games!
     Occupational Therapy
    In occupational therapy, we address the goals that are listed in the child's IEP.  

    Occupational Therapy is a related service to special education.

    Occupational therapy is an individualized therapy working with children one on one or a small group setting, or in the classroom with inclusion services.  Occupational therapy works in areas to assist children to become more efficient in a classroom setting.  Goals are determined from the evaluation to address a child's weakness which is affecting the child's ability to function efficiently in the classroom setting.   We work with all members of the team which includes the parent!  

    My base school is Axton Elementary School.  I serve schools throughout the county.  Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns!