• Homework Tips

    Homework Tips


    Here are some suggestions that may help with having homework without tears. Create a "homework station" for your child. Have your child complete his or her homework in a quiet place away from distractions. Have supplies like paper, crayons, pencils, scissors and glue readily available for your child in this special area just in case the assignment requires the use of these tools. Have your child take short breaks when he or she appears frustrated or uninterested in the assignment.

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  • Homework


    Homework is given Monday through Thursday. All homework is handwritten in a particular Homework Folder. The homework folder is to be taken home nightly and brought back the next morning, and placed in the Homework Basket. 🚩Please check your child's Homework Folder nightly. Homework items will pertain to Reading, Reading comprehension, spelling, handwriting practice, Language Arts and math. However, homework in each area might not be given all at one time. 🇨🇨 Reading, vocabulary tests, spelling, and math assessment will be on Friday.

    😊 There will be no homework given on weekends and holidays.

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