• pic  Mr. Gregory's First Grade Class




    Contact Information:

    Michael Gregory

    Carver Elementary School    

    School phone #: 957-2226




    The Primer, First Grade and Second Grade Sight Words are in the articles section on this website.


                                                               Here is a link to all of the 1st grade SOLS we are going to learn this year!


    Homework sheets are sent home on Monday.  


    7:30-8:10- Morning Meeting/Bathroom Break

    8:10-10:15- Language Arts
    -(8:15-8:45- Gregory and Reynolds, 8:50-9:20- Meadows and Cahill)- Reading Groups

    10:15-10:55- Itinerant

    10:55-11:00- Bathroom Break- Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Gregory

    11:00-11:35 (Gregory and Reynolds) and 11:10-11:40 (Meadows and Cahill)- Lunch

    11:40-11:45- Bathroom Break- Ms. Meadows and Ms. Cahill

    11:45-12:05- Recess
    12:05-12:35- Math

    12:35-1:05- PALS Pullout
    1:05-1:50- Math
    -Bathroom Break:

    1:30- Mr. Gregory

    1:35- Ms. Reynolds
    1:40- Ms. Meadows
    1:45- Ms. Cahill

    1:50-2:30- Science/Social Studies

    2:35- Dismissal