Kim Robertson



    Hello Parents, 

    We wanted to reach out during this time and give you some ideas to work on at home during this time.  Practice writing first and last name, counting to 30 and identifying all upper case letters and numbers 0-20.  Try to find fun ways to incorporate these actvities like counting in the car, writing letters with bubbles or shaving cream in the tub or writing numbers or letters in sand or dirt outside. There are also many good videos on You Tube to practice these skills.  Starfall.com has many good activities.  Scholastic is offering many free items on their website.  ABC Mouse is free right now with the code SCHOOL7771.  Try to read at least one book each day. Allow your child to make predictions about what will happen in the story, also listen for rhyming words and discuss characters in the story.  Talk about the sequence of events in the story and draw something that happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Please tell the students I miss them and look forward to seeing them as soon as possible.