Mrs. Jacquelyn Hunter/Kindergarten



    7:30-8:00 Student Arrival/ Breakfast
    8:00-8:15 Morning Work/Announcements

    8:15-8:45 Math/Calendar Activites

    8:45-10:45 Reading

    10:45-11:15  Lunch

    11:15-11:30 Handwriting

    11:30-12:30 Math 

    12:30-12:45 Recess or Read Aloud

    12:45-1:15 Remediation/Pull Outs/Enrichment

    1:15-1:40 Science or Social Studies

    1:40-2:20 Itinerant (see schedule)

    2:20-2:30 Wrap Up/ Prepare for Dismissal

    2:30-2:40 Dismissal 

    Schedule may change through out the year.



    Weekly Skills and Topics for April 1-5,  2019


    Letter /Letter Sounds and Blending-M, T, A, S, P, C, I, , H, N,B, R, O, G,J, F,U, Z, W, K, Q, E, Y, V, Long Vowels A, I, O. U, E

    Story-"Trucks Roll"   

    Skill: Story Recall and Sequence/Story Character/Setting/Counting Syllables In Words/Realism and Fantasy/Plot

    Writing-First and Last Name/Lucy Calkins writing Pattern Books

    High Frequency Words-I, am, me, little, the, a, to, and, he, had, go, you, has, we, my, like, of, he, for, she, with, in, is , it,as, look, his, can, him, on, they, did, girl, that,are, do, but, up, all, here, from, yellow, blue, green, what, said, was. boy, down, where, come

    Math--Probability/Calendar--Upcoming Subtraction

    Social Studies-



    Reading-Choose 5 unknown sight words/Practice the books/Write a draw a picture about something you did over spring break.

    Math-Complete the calendar.  Fill in the missing number-0 to 100

    3/22 BHS Band Program 
    3/25-3/29 Spring Break
    April 2 and 3-MAP testing
    April 8-PTO Board Meeting
    April 9th-School Skate
    April 12-PTO Sponsored Paint Party 
    April 17 Field Trip To Magna Vista Plant Days
    April 19-22-School Holiday
    May 3 Field Trip to Greensboro Children's Museum
    May 6 School Skate
    May 13 Kindergarten Awards