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Student Teaching Practicum

Student Placement

Placements requests for all student practicum, observation, and teacher placements must be sent to Lisa Millner, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, at on official university letterhead, signed by your advisor.  To be considered, the request must provide:

  • a description indicating if the request is a practicum, observation, or a student teacher placement;
  • the number of hours the student is required to complete during the placement;
  • a description of what the student is required to complete during the placement;
  • a description of the cooperating teacher requirements;
  • the dates the placement is to occur;
  • preferred level of placement:  elementary, middle, or high school;
  • the subject/grade level preferred for placement;
  • if there are any special requests or requirements.

Once approved by Henry County Public Schools, your advisor will receive written notification by email of your student placement location, grade and cooperating teacher.  All students must complete the required background checks before you are eligible to being placement.

Required Background Checks:

**Details of the background check process will be sent to your advisor with your placement approval letter.

Observations of less than two (2) full days of instruction may visit this link for more information:  Classroom Observation Procedures for Student Observers (non-volunteer status)