• 6th Grade Newsletter



    • November 15th is our Social Media Parent Night from 6-7pm! Parents who attend will receive free entry to the first home basketball game.
    • In order to retake a test students must fill out a retake request form with the teacher prior to the end of the nine weeks.
    • Please check your student’s planner nightly for homework assignments.
    • Please make sure your child is following the Dress Code, page 20-21 in the student planner.  
    • iPads must be in school every day and charged.
    • Please be reminded that students only attend Science and History classes every other day due to the A/B day schedule. Please allow an adequate amount of time for grades to be updated. It does take longer to issue a graded assignment due to the A/B day schedule.
    • Homework lab is open each morning and afternoon in the library. Please take advantage of this for studying, completing assignments, and charging iPads if needed.
    • Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom. They need be off and in lockers or left at home. A ticket will be issued for phones that are not in lockers.



    • Remember our core values are Respect, Responsible, Productive, and Kindness!


    • 4H Speeches are underway. We will be checking research cards and checklists this Friday 11/9.
    • Students will be speaking in class on 11/14-11/16 to determine class winners and who will go on to the 6th-grade competition. No more than 8 students will move forward.
    • Reading MAP Test Monday 11/12/18
    • Language MAP Test Monday 11/26/18


    • We took an assessment on One-Step Equations on Friday, 11/09.  On Tuesday we will then begin our unit on Inequalities.
    • Homework is Monday through Thursday!
    • Be practicing on IXL
    • MAP testing will be on Thursday, Nov. 15.


    • We will be starting our Space unit on Monday!
    • Please help your student review vocabulary!



    • We will be continuing with Industrialization.
    • We are almost finished with this unit, so be on the look for test notifications soon.