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Henry County Career Academy holds Signing Day

HENRY CO.,Va. (WDBJ) - If you walk through the halls of the old Figsboro School, you may think you're in any other school.

But Figsboro School no longer exists as an Elementary school. Instead, it's known as Career Academy. This is the school's first year in the Henry County School System.

"I love coming everyday to work, because you get to see the excitement of kids, working with their hands to produce a product," said Michael Minter, the director of the academy.

Minter oversees the 67 kids enrolled in different programs like cosmetology, small animal care, industrial maintenance. Each program has a different certification available.

"It's better than what we expected to be honest," said junior Emma Sue Mullins, who is working on her license in cosmetology.

"I've always wanted to do makeup, and like nails, but I decided to get a full license," said Mullins.

Many seniors at Career Academy though are almost done with their requirements and will soon take various jobs throughout the community, like Skyler Craig, a senior who will work for a local heating and air company. TO honor that, the academy took part in signing day.

"It should be noted that we are one of 300 schools in the nation that have been chosen by Klein Tools and Skills USA to represent today's national signing day," said Minter, during the ceremony.

And while the academy is relatively small now, it will triple its size for its second year, jumping to over 220 students.

"Statistics have shown that those students who go into the workforce, come out in a four year period making the same as those who went to a four year university, they just don't have the debt," said Minter.

According to Minter, many of the students who start in the program know exactly what they want to do when they finish, and they are able to attain that goal at a young age.

"I just say do it, because that's what I did and it actually pays off," said Craig.


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