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Henry County students to be recognized in career signing day for first time ever

HENRY COUNTY, Va. - For the first time ever, Henry County Public Schools will recognize students going into the workforce with a career signing day.

"Very excited for these students,' said Michael Minter Jr., director of student assessment and accountability at the Career Academy.

"This a chance for them to go onto the next level of their life."

Five seniors will sign their letters of intent for a job offer, apprenticeship or advanced technical training Wednesday morning. Those seniors will start local jobs specializing in residential writing, building trades and renovations, HVAC, or plumbing,

One of the students participating says he's been waiting for this special day.

"It shows that my work has paid off," said Skyler Craig, senior Basset High School.

"It just feels really good to know that what I've done, and what I've tried for will pay off in the long run."

Henry County Public Schools has partnered with Klein Solutions to make the day possible.

The signing day will start at 9 a.m. at the Career Academy.


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