Station 1 - "Wreck-Busting"

Station 1 - "Wreck-Busting"


Take turns reading "Wreck-Busting" to each other.  You will not have time to get off track, so please do not. On the index card, write everyone's name and the recorder should write the answers (no questions).  The recorder should not be answering all of the questions!  I pay attention to who is working, and you will receive a lower grade if you are not contributing.

1. What are they trying to clean up?

2. What was the largest cash industry in Hatteras and Ocracoke during the 18th - 20th centuries?

3.  What would shipwreck salvagers do if someone yelled "Ship ashore!?" (explain the sentence, do not copy it).

4.  Was wreck-busting legal?

5.  What was a vendue? (do not copy the sentence)

6.  What do you think the people did with the items from the wreck?  Include the ship itself.