Math 7 Syllabus

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7th Grade Math Objective

The seventh-grade standards emphasize the foundations of algebra. Topics in grade seven include proportional reasoning, integer computation, solving two-step linear equations, and recognizing different representations for relationships. Students will apply the properties of real numbers in solving equations, solve inequalities, and use data analysis techniques to make inferences, conjectures, and predictions.

Classroom Expectations                                                        

Each student is expected to do the following:                          


v  Follow all school rules.                                                           

v  Do all work, including homework.

v  Come to class prepared with necessary supplies and a positive attitude.

v  Respect everyone.

v  Cooperate with teachers and peers.



Materials Needed:

·         3 ring binder (1 ½  - 2 inch)                                           Requested but not required:

·         Loose-leaf paper                                                             Tissues

·         1 folder with 3 prongs & pockets                                    Disinfectant wipes

·         Pencils only (no pens in math)                                        Colored pencils or crayons

·         Inexpensive calculator to use at  home (optional)           Roll of paper towels

o   Be sure it has a square root button                         Dry erase markers





Grading Information:

Grades will be determined based on the student's understanding and demonstration of what he/she knows as it relates to a given skill or standard of learning (SOL).  Grades will be given based on class work, homework, projects, quizzes, unit tests, and benchmark tests.  Students are required to take notes and copy examples during classroom instruction as they are given.  Tests, quizzes, and other assignments are based on information given during classroom instruction.  On some quizzes and tests you will be allowed to use your notes and daily reviews.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to keep up your notebook and keep it organized. Tests will be counted 2 times in the gradebook, quizzes will be counted 1.5 times, daily classwork will count once and homework will count 0.5 times. 
Homework is an important part of learning in math 7.  It provides reinforcement and practice of the skills taught in class and provides feedback for the teacher.  Students are expected to complete any homework assigned, any unfinished class work, and to study for tests/quizzes.  It is expected that assignments be completed and in class on the day due in order to receive full credit.  Assignments will be announced orally and written down.  Students are expected to write their assignments in the agenda book daily.

GradingScale:         100 – 97            A+

                                    96 - 93               A

                                    92 - 90               A-

                                 89 - 87             B+
                                 86 - 83             B
                                 82 - 80             B-
                                 79 - 77             C+
                                 76 - 73             C
                                 72 - 70             C-
                                 69 - 68             D+
                                 67 - 66             D 
                                 65 - 60             D-
                                 59 - 0               F 



Good citizenship and behavior is vital to the learning process.  Citizenship grades will be based on the following:

·,       Good work habits

·        Following school rules

·        Participation in classroom discussions, group activities and assignments

·        Cooperation with peers during group activities

·        Being a responsible student


DisciplinePlan: Follows Swords to Success Guidelines


Math 7 Pacing Guide:

This is the pacing guide set up by Henry County Schools.   (There may be some changes to this depending on unexpected events and the order in which things are taught may be changed.)


1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks

·       Compare and order rational numbers (SOL 7.1c)

·       Probability (SOL 7.8a and b)

·       Histograms, Stem-and-Leaf Plots, Line Plots, Circle Graphs (SOLs 7.9)

·       Quadrilaterals (SOL 7.6)

·       Similar Figures (SOL 7.5)

·       Proportions (SOL 7.3)


Spiral Backs and County Assessments will be given each nine weeks.

  • Integer Rules and Fraction Reviews (SOL 7.2)
  • Square Roots and Perfect Squares (SOL 7.1d)
  • Properties of Real Numbers (SOL 7.11)
  • Order of Operations (SOL 7.11)
  • Replacement Value (SOL 7.11)
  • Properties of Equality (SOL 7.12)
  • One and Two Step Equations (SOL 7.12)
  • Verbal Translations (SOL 7.12)
  • Practical Problems with Equations (SOL 7.12)



  • Properties of Inequalities (SOL 7.13)
  • One and Two Step Inequalities (SOL 7.13)
  • Verbal Expressions for Inequalities (SOL 7.13)
  • Coordinate Plane Graphing
  • Slope and y-intercept (SOL 7.10)
  • Translations and Reflections (SOL 7.7)
  • Volume and Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms and Cylinders (SOL 7.4)
  • Powers of 10 (SOL 7.1a)
  • Scientific Notation (SOL 7.1b)
  • Review of ALL SOLs and prepare for the SOL test
  • SOL Test