Integrated Math

Integrated Math

Goal: To have a successful year, learning and applying the concepts of 7th and 8th grade math


Supply List: 0ne 3-ring binder (1 or 1 1/2 inch)

                  Looseleaf paper

                  Pencils, wooden or mechanical

                  Scotch Tape (if you do not like using glue sticks)


                  Colored pencils or crayons

                  Requested by not required: tissues, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, dry erase marker, paper towels


Clssroom Expectations

Follow all school rules

Do all work, including homework

Respect everyone

Cooperate with teachers and peers

Come to class prepared with necessary supplies (including charged Ipads) and a positive attitude



Major Summative Assessments, such as unit tests and cornerstones, will count twice in the gradebook.

Minor Summative Assessments, such as quizzes and projects, will count 1.5 times in the gradebook.

Major Formative Assessments, such as classwork assignments, will count once in the gradebook.

Minor Formative Assessments, such as homework and bellringers, will count 0.5 times in the gradebook.


  • Grades will be recorded throughout the nine weeks. Parents and students will be able to check on the grades throughout the nine weeks in Unified Classroom. I will get in touch with parents if students are making a D or F at the time of progress reports/report cards. If you have any questions or concerns at any other time, please call or send an email and I will get in touch with you.


  • Grades will be determined based on the student’s understanding and demonstrations of what he/she knows as it relates to a given skill or standard of learning. Students will be required to take notes and copy examples during classroom instruction as they are given. Keeping your notes organized and up to date will be to your advantage.


  • Practice is essential to learning. The student who does not complete or at least attempt the practice will not be successful in math class. Any assignment that is given needs to be attempted in order to receive credit. Zeros will be given for work not turned in and points will be deducted for work turned in late. Students will be allowed to redo most assignments for partial credit to receive a higher grade unless the original assignment was turned in late. This is my form of extra credit.


Integrated Math Pacing Guice: This is the pacing guide set up by Henry County Schools. (This is not set in stone and may be altered due to unexpected events.)

1st nine weeks

2nd nine weeks

3rd nine weeks

4th nine weeks

·      Integers & Absolute Value

·      Perfect Squares & Square Roots

·      Sets of Real Numbers

·      Powers of Ten & Sc. Notation

·      Compare & Order

·      Order of Operations & Replacement Value

·      Proportions

·      Consumer Math

·      Expressions & Equations

·      Inequalities

·      Functions, Domain & Range

·      Slope

·      Probability

·      Angles

·      Pythagorean Theorem

·      Composite Figures

·      Transformations

·      3-D models

·      Volume & Surface Area

·      Boxplots

·      Scatterplots

·      SOL Review